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Friday, January 09, 2015

Best five multitasking apps for android

                                                    MULTITASKING APPS

Multi-Tasking has become a necessity in Smart Phones, it helps your Android perform faster and better, but excessive multi-tasking might result in decrease of your phones performance.  To enhance the phones performance many third party multitasking apps are available. These apps help you do multi-tasking in a better and an easier way. The following is the list of Top 5 Multi-Tasking Apps For Android.


The first in our list of Top 5 multi-tasking apps for android is “Swapps”. It lingers at one side of your screen, and you can open it by a swipe from the edge towards the center of the screen. It contains the list of recently opened apps. You can also customize and personalize Swapp by adjusting the size of the swipe area i.e. define its length and width and you can also mark some apps as starters. These starters will always remain on the top of the pile. And you can make the notification bar transparent, so it doesn’t cover your line of sight.
top 5 multitasking apps for android


If you have ever rooted your phone and have installed a custom ROM from the Paranoid Android, you would be aware of the PIE feature. Well, now you can use this amazing feature without using their ROM, as it is available on “Play Store”. To start Pie Control, you have to drag it from the edge of the screen. Once dragged, you would be able to see a cut-pie view of tasks, apps or tools that you can open right away.
top 5 multitasking apps for android


As the name suggest, Multitasking is an app designed to enhance multitasking in Android.  Once you launch the app you would have a list in front of you, containing all the useful app functions that will appear as floating windows. You can also open multiple windows at one time, and select from the wide range of options including players, calculator, browsers, calendar, compass and many more.
top 5 multitasking apps for android


It’s more of an app switching tool than it is of a multitasking tool. But since one is able to save so much time, one hardly feels that it is not a multitasking tool. It is a sidebar, and it pops up to display all your recently used apps along with other option such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Data Connectivity, Vibrate and so on.
top 5 multitasking apps for android 4


The last but not the least among our list of top 5 multi-tasking apps for android is “Swipe Pad”. You can get a list of all you recently used and favorite apps with a drag of your finger from the edge of the screen. You can add bookmarks, create shortcuts, set widgets and even contact on your SwipePad. It is not only battery friendly, but also RAM friendly.
top 5 multitasking apps for android