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Friday, January 04, 2013

vodafone free internet trick

vodafone free internet using trick

Free Vodofone GPRS Hack

Want Free GPRS Connection For Vodafone On Your UC Browser?
Learn to Hack GRPS settings for Vodafone and use free internet.

STEP 1:  For this you have to download a UC BROWSER HANDLER .
STEP 2: Install the handler.
STEP 3: Open it,there you find a option named"NETWORK SETTINGS".
STEP 4: Open the settings and edit the PROXY TYPE to REAL HOST  and the           proxy server to a valid           
               proxy adress.
STEP 5: Exit from network settings and  press SAVE CHANGES AND BACK ,now you can enjoy the        
              free unlimited GPRS.

If these proxy's do not work you can find more proxy adresses by simply googling.