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Friday, January 11, 2013

Airtel GPRS 2G Internet Packs informations(Updated)

Airtel GPRS 2G Internet Packs informations(Updated)Airtel New Logo HD 

In this world of 3G, our very own 2G feels so old and useless now. So here I share with you a point to be noted on benefits of 2G. 2G is very cost efficient, still useful for managing online apps like Facebook Messenger, Whats-app and other apps that require next to zero internet connectivity for their usage. So never mind, you can still be connected to your friends with the 2G technology as its the only method for getting connected to Internet for those who are light on Pocket. 

Daily Internet Plans

Airtel offers three daily internet plans and these are of 50 MB and 100 MB. Here are these three plans:

The difference between the first and second plan is of automatic activation. The first plan once activated, needs to be manually deactivated until you have enough balance. This means that the plan will activate itself once the data cap completes or the day passes. So it is recommended to skip to Plan 2 as it is based on manual activation and does not reactivates itself when finished. And the last one is simple: 100 MB for 1 Day in 10 Rs.

Monthly Internet Plans

Airtel has changed this one, a lot which you are gonna hate a lot. Psst, keep reading this post, in the end I have gave some worthy suggestions on choosing a good plan which is still useful :-)
Now there is not unlimited Internet plan at all which was announced recently; the Rs 149 plan. Instead they have slashed the existing Rs 98 plan, which was 2000 MB in June, 1000 MB in July and now a mere 600 MB -_-
Also its not monthly at all, as the Rs 908 one is of 21 days and the 125 for 1000 MB is of 28 days. Looks like they love February.
Airtel Monthly 2G GPRS Plans chart






As people think different, so they need plans that actually suit them. In this case the "Others"  category pleased them with the Rs 18 plan and the Rs 35 plan, but this category has also been affected.
Airtel 2G GPRS Plans chart 

Misc Plans

As in the last week, Airtel introduced two new plans, namely the Night internet pack and the Facebook Internet pack, which seemed to please its users. The night internet plans is the best for Airtel users in terms of Data usage and price. Its 400 MB for only Rs 9. And the bad news is that they have changed the newly introduced Facebook plan a little. The change is that its now a Auto Renewal plan lasting for 7 days. This means, if you activate Facebook plan today, it will activate automatically day by day for 7 days, so it costs you 280 MB for 21 Rs and for 7 days. if you smart enough, you can also deactivate in the last minute to escape from the *121*8# menu.
Airtel Facebook and night 2G GPRS Plans chart 

What to choose

Now its time to remove the facepalm and choose what's good. So here are my recommendations:
  • Rs 10 -  100 MB for 1 Day
  • Rs 60 -  1000 MB for 14 Days
  • Rs 9 - 400 MB for one night
To receive settings for your phone, Send MO to 54321 and the Airtel service person will shortly send you settings for your phone. Apply these settings and you can start using Internet on your phone.