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Saturday, December 29, 2012

problems faced by handicaped childrens and how to help them?

© The World Bank

What is it?

A disability can be physical (such as paralysis, loss of limb, deafness), mental (such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder) or intellectual (such as a learning disability). Some people are born disabled; others become disabled as a result of an accident or disease. Disabilities range from moderate to significant and can be temporary or permanent. With the help of a supportive community, education and vocational opportunities, disabled persons can make progress.
Here are some statistics:
  • 650 million people in the world are disabled, according to the World Health Organization.
  • 80% of disabled people live in developing countries.
  • 20% of the world’s poorest people are disabled, and tend to be regarded in their own communities as the most disadvantaged.
  • 1 in every 10 children around the world copes with a disability.
  • Only 2-3% of disabled children in poor countries go to school.
These numbers are gravely underestimated because disabled people are typically shunned, isolated and stigmatized by their community, so they are often left out of census reports. Families often hide disabled children and exclude them from family and community activities


Why should I care?

Disability leads to poverty
When persons with a disability are kept from attending school or finding work, they tend to be the poorest among the poor because they don't acquire any skills.
Many people in developing countries think that children with disabilities can't learn or develop skills, so not much is expected from them. In turn, they don't contribute to their communities but are considered to be a burden.
But poverty contributes to disability
Poor people are at greater risk of becoming disabled. They also have fewer chances to overcome their disabilities. This increases the odds that they and their families will remain poor.
Children can be born disabled …
Some children are born disabled because their mothers didn't receive prenatal care or had a hard time giving birth. Or they are born disabled for no clear reason.
Or become disabled …
Children can become disabled during childhood if they are malnourished, exposed to preventable childhood diseases such as polio, or have an accident.
Countries coming out of war have many physically disabled people who were injured during conflict. If these people, especially men, suddenly find themselves unable to work and provide for their families, they may become poorer.
People living in areas prone to conflict or natural hazards (such as hurricanes and droughts) disproportionally suffer from post-traumatic-stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

What is the international community doing?

Demystifying disability in developing countries
Dealing with disability is much more than a health issue. The idea of who is disabled comes from people's cultures. For example, if a deaf child is taught to read lips and lives with people who speak in sign language, the child is not necessarily disabled and can contribute to society.
Incorporating people with disability into society
People with disabilities should be helped to become productive members of society because this will improve the welfare and well being of the entire community. Sometimes solutions are relatively simple, such as providing reading glasses to children, giving wheelchairs to those in need or constructing wheelchair accessible buildings.
Preventing disabilities
In addition to helping people with disabilities, international organizations like UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank work on:
  • Improving health care in poor countries to help pregnant women and children get proper medical care.
  • Enabling disabled children to go to school and learn livelihood skills.
  • Removing landmines from fields to make sure people don't step on them.
The World Bank has helped establish the Global Partnership for Disability and Development, an organization aimed at coordinating activities among donor countries, development agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and client governments.

How to Help Handicapped Children

How to Help Handicapped Children
Photo Credit child image by Vaida from Fotolia.com

In the United States, laws exist to protect the handicapped, or those with disabilities, from discrimination and to ensure they have access to facilities, transportation, education, technology and medical care. The laws make a tremendous difference in the lives of the disabled, but there is still a lot you can do to help, especially with children. Children are not too concerned with rights; they just want to fit in with their peers and enjoy life like everyone else.

Step 1

Learn about disabilities and the limitations they cause for children. While it might not be appropriate to ask a child or his parent about his specific disability, it is equally inappropriate to make assumptions. If you have a little information, perform some basic research to help you understand what life is like for handicapped children and their families.

Step 2

Control your feelings. It is normal to feel sad for children with disabilities, but it might embarrass the child if you display pity or engage in fawning attention. It is okay to let children know that you understand their challenges. Let them know that you respect and admire their abilities.

Step 3

Talk to the child about his interests. Get to know more about him than his disability. Ask what kind of books he reads, what he likes on television and his favorite sports or foods. This information will help you treat him like a normal kid whenever possible.

Step 4

Ask children and their families how you can help. Talk to parents about the needs of their child, her personality and coping skills. Ask the child how you can help. She might surprise you by requesting something as simple as leaving the classroom door open so she can get in without help each morning.

Step 5

Perform actions that enable and encourage the child's independence. Remove barriers to his independence. Provide technology to help with tasks, organize rooms and materials to help the child maneuver as much as possible by himself, remove obstructions to wheelchair movement and encourage a disabled child to do things for himself, even when he objects.

Step 6

Help handicapped children make friends and participate in social activities. Provide transportation or accompany the child to after-school activities, community events and social activities such as going to the movies with friends or attending a birthday party.

Step 7

Offer to take child for a day, overnight or a weekend to give the parents a break. This will make a child's life better by relieving parental stress. Sometimes, even children need a break from their caretakers and to spend time in a different environment.

Step 8

Teach your children to respect all people. Encourage them to see people first, before disabilities. Encourage them to refuse to join in when peers make fun of someone with disabilities. Ask them to remember to invite disabled children to social events or to join in at lunch. Remind them that children with disabilities are not really different from other children.

Friday, December 28, 2012

BSNL Revised 2g gprs packs new packs at Rs 111

BSNL Revised 2G GPRS packs, New Pack At Rs.111

BSNL revised their postpaid and prepaid 2G GPRS packs. They revised the free data usage associated with the Rs.89 pack (Rs.98 for prepaid) . The free data is reduced from 2GB to 1.25GB. Apart from that they introduced new pack at Rs.111 for postpaid and Rs.125 for prepaid, this pack provides 2GB free data usage. Please see the below table for more details. All these changes is effective from 1st October 2012

Monthly Rental for Postpaid MRP of STV for Prepaid Free Data Usage Validity
Rs.89 Rs.98 Existing data– 2GB Revised data– 1250MB 30 Days
Rs.111 (New pack) Rs.125 (New pack) - 2000MB 30 Days
Note: There can be changes in MRP upto (+/-)Rs.5 depending upon the telecom circle.


HTC Desire X With Dual Core Processor-Features And Specifications

HTC Desire X With Dual Core Processor-Features And Specifications
Finally HTC has officially announced their new smartphone HTC Desire X. The announcement was made on IFA Trade Fair.
The main features of Desire X are,
  • a speedy dual-core processor that lets you multi-task with ease
  • one-click sharing means you’re instantly social
  • authentic sound from in-built BeatsAudio technology
  • 5 megapixel camera
All these makes the HTC Desire X a top smartphone that’s built for everyone.
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

airtel new unlimitted 2g internet gprs plan at Rs 149 only

Airtel New Unlimited 2G GPRS Plan at Rs.149

 Bharti Airtel launched new Unlimited Mobile Internet Pack (with Fair Usage Policy on Speed) for its 2G Prepaid mobile customers across all telecom circles in India.It is priced at Rs. 149. This new GPRS pack offers 2GB Data at 2G speed and beyond which the Mobile Internet speed is capped to 40 Kbps. This pack has a validity of 30 days. This new plan is now available for purchase at all Airtel outlets for Prepaid mobile customers.

Vodafone unlimitted 2G gprs data plan..

Vodafone India Launched Unlimited 2G GPRS Data Plan

 Vodafone India today launched Unlimited 2G Mobile Internet pack (with Fair Usage Policy on Speed) for its Prepaid mobile customers. This pack is priced at Rs. 152 (+/- Rs.5 depending on circle). This pack offers 2GB of 2G Data, beyond 2GB usage the Mobile Internet speed is reduced to 40 Kbps. The pack is valid for a period of 30 days. It is available at all Vodafone outlets for prepaid mobile customers in Mumbai telecom circle. In other telecom circles there may be a Rs.(+/-)5 price difference. Please contact customer care for more details.




Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aakash 2 available for students in very low price



The new advanced version of low cost tablet Aakash was launched by President Pranab Mukherjee. It comes with a price tag of Rs 1130 for students. It has been developed under the direction of IIT Bombay with the active support of C-DAC and Datawind is rolling out the device. The new version Aakash 2,will be made available to students of engineering colleges and universities initially. Aakash2 is powered by a processor running at 1 GHz, has a 512 MB memory, a 7 inch capacitative touch screen and a battery working for three hours under normal operations.
The device is priced at Rs 2263 and the government subsidises it by 50 per cent and it will be distributed to students at Rs 1,130. The price may even drop down after the state government subsidy. Over 15,000 teachers at 250 colleges have been trained on how to use the Aakash for education. It will be used for classroom teaching.
In the initial phase,one lakh devices will be provided to students of engineering colleges and universities and subsequently these will be distributed to others. By next five to six years about 22 crore students in India will get the device. The first version of Aakash called Aakash 1 as launched by the government in October 2011. However many problems were detected on the device by the users, so an updated version is released.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

tata dococmo latest updated gprs packs for kerala

Tata Docomo Latest GPRS Packs For Kerala

Tata Docomo revised their GPRS offerings for Kerala Telecom Circle. The New pack details are given in the table below. Note that Rs.5 pack can also be activated through SMS by sending SMS as GPRS to 121

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pooja Timings at Sabarimala temple...

Pooja Timings at Sabarimala temple

Opening of sanctum sanctorum 4.00 a.m.
Nirmalya darshanam 4.05 a.m.
Ganapati homam 4.15 a.m.
Neyyabhishekam 4.15 a.m. to 12.00 p.m
Usha pooja 7.30 a.m.
Kalabhabhishekam 12.30 p.m.
Ucha pooja 1.00 p.m.
Closing of sanctum sanctorum 1.30 p.m.
Opening of sanctum sanctorum 4.00 p.m.
Deeparadhana 6.30 p.m.
Pushpabhishekam 7.00 p.m.
Athazha pooja 10.30 p.m.
Harivarasanam 10.50 p.m.
Closing of sanctum sanctorum 11.00 p.m.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sabarimala Festival calendar 2012-2013

Sabarimala Festival calendar 2012-2013

opening and closing of Sabarimala Sree Dharmasastha Temple for the year 2012 - 2013

Month Pooja Opening date Closing date
January 2012 Makara Vilakku 15-01-2012
February Monthly Pooja (Kumbham) 13-02-2012 18-02-2012
March Monthly Pooja (Meenam) 13-03-2012 18-03-2012
Utsavam 26-03-2012 05-04-2012
Kodiyettam 27-03-2012
April Utsavam Aarattu - Painkuni Uthram 05-04-2012
Vishu Mahotsavam 10-04-2012 18-04-2012
Vishu Darsanam 14-04-2012
May Monthly Pooja (Edavam) 14-05-2012 19-05-2012
Prathistha Dinam / Idol Installation Day 30-05-2012 31-05-2012
June Monthly Pooja (Midhunam) 14-06-2012 19-06-2012
July Monthly Pooja (Karkitakam) 15-07-2012 20-07-2012
August Monthly Pooja (Chingam) 16-08-2012 21-08-2012

Onam 27-08-2012 31-08-2012
September Monthly Pooja (Kanni) 16-09-2012 21-09-2012
October Monthly Pooja (Thulam) 17-10-2012 22-10-2012
Sree Chithira Thirunal Aatta Vishesham 25-10-2012 26-10-2012
November Mandala Pooja Mahotsavam 16-11-2012 27-12-2012
December Mandala Pooja 26-12-2012
Makara Vilakku Mahotsavam 30-12-2012 20-01-2013
January 2013 Makara Vilakku 14-01-2013

Sunday, December 09, 2012

malayalam beautiful love and friendship sms collections

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  2. Eniyum oru jenmamundenkill oru chediyill randu pushppangalayi nam viriyum vasantham namme nokki punjirikkum sisiram namme nokki asuyapedum kalathinte choodettu aathyam pozhinju veezhunnathu njanaanenkill enikku vendi orittu kanneer pozhikkan neeyundaakumenna viswasathodae.....
  3. Eniyum oru jenmamundenkill oru chediyill randu pushppangalayi nam viriyum vasantham namme nokki punjirikkum sisiram namme nokki asuyapedum kalathinte choodettu aathyam pozhinju veezhunnathu njanaanenkill enikku vendi orittu kanneer pozhikkan neeyundaakumenna viswasathodae.....
  4. Innu kanda swapanagalilum Nale kaanenda swapanagalilum kananayi Njan aashikunnathu Ninneyanu.... Ente Jeevanaya Ninne...
  5. Snehikunna manassinte nishabdamaya bhashayaanu kannuneer.veruthe erikkumbol ariyathe kannu niranjal athinu oru karanameyullu.. Orupad snehikkunna areyo orupad mis cheyyunnu...
  6. piriyuvaan neramen.. idariya chankil ninnum.. chithariya vaakukal.. perukiyeduthu oru vattam cherthu vaayichirunnenkil... orikalum neeyenne piriyillaayirunnu...
  7. Ninte ashakal pookuna vazhiyorathu njan kaathu ninnapol Orikal polum njan vicharichirunilla Ninte varavu nte dukangalku vazhiyakumennu
  8. ila pozhinja shikarangalil iniyumvasantham chekarum but orkuvan orupidiormakalalate ini ithupoloru jeevitham namukila REMEMBER THAT
  9. souhrdhathinte mngatha velicham athu mansinte thalavum layavumokeyayi marumbol veendum veendum oru ormapeduthalukalay marumbol verutheyanegilum agrahikarundu veendum oru othucheralinay........
  10. Nimishangal Mathi Orupad "Ishtam Thonnan",Minutukal Mathi"Thammil Pinanagan", 'Pinakkam Maraan Manikkorukal/Divasangal Mathi, BUT, "Oru Janmam Muzhuvan Vendi Varum, ISHTAPETTA AALE MARAKKAN"
  11. othiri vaikiyanu nammal kandu muttiyathu..... onnichu nadakkan iniyere dooravumilla....... vidaparayum munpe inagam pinangaam .... pakshe, pinangunnathepozhum inangan vendi matharamavanam........
  12. "yente kannukale earananiyichukonde nee nadannu neengiya vazhiyarikil njaninnum kaathirikkunnu orupaadishtathode....."
  13. Nashtangalude ormappeduthalukalumai ennum ninte ormakal ennil erinjadangan vembunnu.Aa ormakal ente jeevanumai parannakalunna nimishathinai njan kaathirikkunnu.....

    Varum janmathilenkilum namukke onnikkam, orumichu jeevikkam.....
  14.  orikal kanda swapna kadhayile aarum kothikunna raajakumaariye pole

    Avale njan kandu

    Swapanamo, yaadhyarthiyamo ennariyathe avale njan nte hridhayathinte sree kovilil Aa Deviye prethishttichu manassilentho

    Avalaakunna aazhakadalil ee cheru snehathinte thoniyili prenayamenna karayilethaan engott thuzhayanamennariyathe njan neelakashethekk nokki ninnu karayave Aa mizhineer thullikalaanennodu paranjath nee kandathellam jeevanillatha swapnangalanennu..
  15. Ente prenayam ninnil theerunnu...

    Ni enne arinjalum,

    Illennu nadichalum,

    Ini nirasichalum...
  16.   Kozhiyatha Pookkallilla; Maranamillatha Jeevanilla; Pakalillathe rathriyilla; Athu pole Ninnne orkkatha Nimishangale illa
  17. Ormakalkku mele ormakal vattamittu parakkumbol orkkuka; Enneyalla; Nammal orumichu koodiya; Nalla nimishangale
  18. Ninte sauhridathe njan onninodum Upamikkan ishttappedunnilla; Kaaranam- Aa Sauhridavum, Snehavum, Ninnilallathe Mattoralilum Njan Kaanunnilla
  19. Snehathinte Bhasha Enikkariyilla; Snehathinte Sangeetham Enikkariyilla; Ennal Snehichavare Marakathirikan Enikkariyum.
  20. Aagrahikatha Manasinte Sneham Pidichu Vangaan kazhiyilla. Pidichedukunna Sneham Parichedutha Poovu Poleyanu
  21. Ennum Udhikaarulla Suryan, Oru Divasam Udichillengil, Annu Lokam Muzhuvanum Iruttaayirikum, Athu Poleyanu Enikku Neeyum, Ninte Snehavum
  22. Yaathra Paranju Pirinju, Paathi Vazhiyilethumbozhum Oru Pinvilikkai Manasu Kothikunundenkil…. Verpettupoya Aa Vedhanayude Peraanu “SNEHAM
  23. Ninakku Ennil Ninnum Akaluvan Thonniyal Athu Nee Orikalum Ennodu Parayaruthu. Thanichakki Poyalum Varumennu Karuthi Njan Kaathirunnolaam.
  24. Pranayathin Mazhayayi Vannu Njan, Ennittum Nee Enthinu Virahathin Kuda Choodi Ninnu!! I LOVE YOU  
  25. Sneham ennenkilum nashtamakumbol karayaruthu, karanam verumoru Kannuneer kondu maychu kalayanullathalla sneham
  26. njan ninne orupadu snahikkunnu
    neeyanente ellam
    ninakku vanidiyanu njan jeevikkunnathu thanne
    neeyillatha jeevithathepatti enike aalojikkan vayya
    njan ninne athramathram ishtappedunnu
  27.  nte hridhayathin thandhri meetan nee varunnadhum kathu ee nilavulla rathriyil nalukettinde ee ozhinja konil njan ennum kathirikkum ninakkai
  28. Snehikkanum
    Pottichiriyakum !
    Its the magic of
    friend ship  
  29. Swapnangal ennodu pranayikkan paranju.
    Njan avale pranayichu.

    Vasantham ennodu kavitha ezhuthan paranju.
    Njan avalekkurich ezhuthi.

    Pinne Kaalam Ellam marakkan paranju.


    Athumathram kazhiyilla.
    Karanam, njanariyaathe ente jeevan polum aval maathramaayi. 
  30.  Kandumuttanum Verpiriyanum Vidhikapeta lokath Swantham Ennu Parayan Snehathinte Ormakal maathram So
    ellavareyum snehikuka.avar namme verukkumbolum.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

animated christmas greeting cards

Happy chistmas

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Happy chistmas

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

nokia c2 dual sim mobile in low price


Nokia lauched its dual sim mobile phone Nokia C2 in India.It is priced at about Rs.2499 in India.Now let us see its specifications:
  • Size: 108 x 45 x 14.65 mm
  • Weight (with battery): 74.1 g
Product dimensions
Display and user interface
  • Screen size: 1.8″
  • Resolution: 128 x 160 pixels
  • Up to 65,000 colours
Keys and input methods
  • TPU keypad
  • Available colours:
    • Red
    • Dark Grey
    • Warm Grey
    • Cool Grey
  • Ring tones: mp3, AAC, WMA
  • Themes
    • wallpapers
    • screensavers
    • ringtones
    • pre-installed themes
    • changeable colour themes


  • microSD memory card slot, hot swappable, max. 32 GB
  • Internal memory: 64/16 ram/flash
Operating frequency
  • Dual band 900/1800 MHz
Data network
  • CSD
  • HSCSD, maximum speed 43.2 kbps
  • GPRS class A, multislot class 32, maximum speed 107/64.2 kbps (DL/UL)
  • Bluetooth version 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 (micro USB connector)
  • 3.5 mm AV connector

Software & Applications

Software platform & user interface
  • S40

  • Communications

    Email and messaging
    • Supported for SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, MMS, SMS. SMS editor.
    • Nokia Messaging
    Call management
    • Contacts: contacts database with support for phone and email details
    • Speed dialling, voice dialling (speaker independent) and voice commands
    • Logs of dialled, received and missed calls
    • Contacts: up to 500 entries
    • Integrated handsfree speakers

    Sharing & Internet

    Browsing and internet
    • Opera Mini 4.0


    • VGA camera

    Music & audio

    Music features
    • Nokia music player
    • Music playback file formats: .mp3, .wma, .aac, eAAC, eAAC+
    • 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug
    • Nokia Music Store support
    • Ring tones: mp3, aac, WMA
    • FM transmitter, frequency 88.1 – 107.9
    • Stereo FM radio (87.5-108 MHz/76-90 MHz), RDS
    • Radio recording feature


    • Games included

    Environmental features

    Energy efficiency
    • Power Save mode

    Package contents

    Standard Sales Package
    • Nokia C2-00
    • Nokia Battery BL-5C


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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